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Die cut Box

Die cut Box

The boxes punched in most cases are irregularly shaped and their design responds to specific needs of the item or product that it will contain, so it is difficult to classify them into other subcategories, but there are some standardized models such as pizza boxes , file boxes, document boxes, tray-type boxes, telescopic boxes etc., which, due to their proven effectiveness, have become standards of the carton industry, although they do not fall into a specific category.

This type of box is not manufactured under a normal production process, for its manufacture a die is required. The box is assembled automatically without requiring glue, tape or staple.

Note: Our die-cut boxes respond to all your packaging needs, adapting to a variety of shapes, designs and uses, such as tray boxes, document files and boxes for pizza, fruits, vegetables, drinks and spirits, among others.


25 October 2019


Die cut